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Valex- Robust, Reliable and Customised Flexible Bulk Packaging Solutions.

Valex is the leading distributor of FIBC in the UK, working in collaboration with Kanpur Plastipack Limited (KPL), the top manufacturer of FIBC in India. We source the highest quality bulk bags manufactured in India, that come with an assurance of durability and reliability.

We offer:

Valex the Number One Choice for Your FIBC Needs

We are the UK based suppliers of quality bulk bags which we deliver throughout the the UK and overseas combining excellent customer service, product quality and value for money.

Assured product quality

On-Time delivery

Competitive pricing

In-House Stock

Direct backing of Manufacturer in India

Long term customer relation

Our Products

Different FIBC Type that we offer based on customer requirements:

Quality & Hygiene Assurance

We are committed to maintain defined standards, Specification and suitability for all our products, especially for food grade bags. Therefore, we are pro actively ensuring our products are made in an environment, which is utmost clean, free of debris, contaminants and such impurities which could adversely affect the product quality and sustainability, thereby delivering best quality to our clientele.

Other Reasons As To
Why We Should Be Your Number One Choice

  • Experienced technical support
  • Offer Re-design services to optimize bag design
  • Cost reduction programs
  • Full range of certified FIBC's 500Kg – 2000Kgs
  • Food Grade certifications like BRC, ISO 22000, AIB are available.
  • UN certified bags for transportation of Hazardous goods available