These bags are designed to handle products that the United Nations considers hazardous material.

The international transport of dangerous goods in Bulk Bags is regulated by a number of international codes based on the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (also known as the Orange Book). This divides bulk containers into 6 categories namely: metal, flexible, rigid plastics, composite, fiberboard and wooden. There are four types of FIBCs made from woven polypropylene for dangerous goods:

  • 13 H 1 - Woven plastics without coating and without liner,
  • 13 H 2 - Woven plastics, coated and without liner,
  • 13 H 3 - Woven plastics, uncoated and with liner,
  • 13 H 4 - Woven plastics, coated and with liner.

Below mentioned Capital letters designate the packing group(s) for which the design type has been approved:

  • X = Packing Groups I, II and III (IBCs for solids only)
  • Y = Packing Groups II and III
  • Z = Packing Group III only