These bags are designed to handle products that the United Nations considers hazardous materials.

The international transport of dangerous goods in Bulk Bags is regulated by several international codes based on the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (also known as the Orange Book). This divides bulk containers into 6 categories namely: metal, flexible, rigid plastics, composite, fiberboard, and wooden. There are four types of FIBCs made from woven polypropylene for dangerous goods:

  • 13 H 1 - Woven plastics without coating and without liner.
  • 13 H 2 - Woven plastics, coated and without liner.
  • 13 H 3 - Woven plastics, uncoated and with liner.
  • 13 H 4 - Woven plastics, coated and with liner.

Below mentioned Capital letters designate the packing group(s) for which the design type has been approved:

  • X = Packing Groups I, II, and III (IBCs for solids only).
  • Y = Packing Groups II and III.
  • Z = Packing Group III only.