Types - A, B & C

Different Designs of FIBC bags as per customer requirements.

Type A

  • Made with non-treated insulating fabric.
  • No Electro-static protection.
  • Used safely to transport non-flammable products.
  • Make sure there are no flammable solvents or gases present around the bag.
  • Not intended for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Type B

  • Used to safely transport dry, flammable powders,
  • There are to be no flammable solvents or gases present around the bag,
  • DO NOT USE to transport flammable products.

Type C

  • Control electrostatic charges by grounding.
  • MUST be electrically grounded during filling and emptying - this is essential for the safe use and performance of a Type C bag.
  • Constructed from non-conductive polypropylene material.
  • Used safely to transport flammable powders.
  • Used safely when flammable solvents or gases are present around the bag.
  • DO NOT USE when the ground connection is not present or has become damaged.