Recyclable Materials

Valex supplies high-quality FIBCs in the United Kingdom sourced exclusively from the internationally renowned manufacturer and global supplier Kanpur Plastipack.

Kanpur Plastipack has always been environmentally aware and is accredited by the internationally recognized standard ISO14001 to be such. Mindful of the impact plastics can have on the environment, minimization and disposal of waste have long been a priority.

With nine extrusion lines feeding the production of some 30,000 FIBCs per day, supplemented by additional fabric and yarn production, the development of onsite recycling and re-granulation of recycled materials in their factory is viable and they are technically resourced to maximize the benefits this brings. This achievement, although at a cost, provides them with the option of introducing quality recycled material into their FIBC production.

With the anticipated introduction of a plastic tax in the United Kingdom, and with finding no detriment, to the technical performance of our FIBCs, 30% of recycled polymer is now added to the production of our FIBCs to meet the threshold at which plastic tax is liable.

By default, production for UK supplies is geared to include recycled material at the 30% level. Should there be a wish, for only virgin polymer to be used, this can be supplied, and Plastic tax will be charged at the prevailing rate, currently £0.20 per KG.